CUSTOMER:  US Military depot maintenance facility

CUSTOMER'S PRODUCT:  Fighter aircraft

CUSTOMER CAPABILITIES:  Provides aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), including paint removal of aircraft structures and components.

CURRENT PAINT REMOVAL PROCESS:  Exterior paint is removed from the aircraft by plastic media blasting (PMB). Many of the paints used contain chrome-based epoxy primers.


Blasting equipment was aging and unreliable, impacting turnaround times and the ability for the aircraft to be mission-ready. In addition, the process generated carcinogenic airborne chrome particles which is a recognized health concern.   


Vantage proposed using Vantage™ B&B™ 9095 Aircraft Paint Remover to chemically remove the paint.

B&B 9095 is a thickened, hydrogen-peroxide activated paint remover designed to safely and effectively remove epoxy, polyurethane and other paint systems from aircraft and component surfaces.


B&B 9095 effectively removed the paint and was proven to work more quickly, requiring 3 fewer shifts versus blasting. It is believed this process improvement will save up to 50 days in labor per year. This process also eliminated the health hazard of blasting chrome-containing paint stackups.  


Industry leading 18+ month shelf life
Ready to use and highly thickened to cling to vertical and inverted surfaces
Does not contain MeCl, nMP, phenols, chromates or acids
pH neutral, very low odor and low EHS impact
Formulated to minimize drying out
Meets and conforms to aerospace specifications
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